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Our Team

We sell spanish horses with love and understanding.
A species-appropriate attitude, optimal care and appreciative and loving interaction is very important to us, furthermore, all our horses have already 14 X-rays, all of which characterizes the quality of our horses for sale.
We run a beautifully situated and family riding business in the Natural Park in the north of Seville. Our horses are all very species-appropriate in the herd, even our stallions can socialize normally and are therefore not at all stallion.

We believe that not only the rider but also the horse should enjoy riding and therefore our riding style is very gentle. All our horses are good on tears and trust us in every situation. Young horses are ridden gently by us. Our horses indicate the intensity of the training. Every horse is different and we consider it individually at work. We have the best conditions to prepare your future riding partner ideally: our direct neighbors are Iberian pigs, cows, sheep, we have lakes and rivers that are crossed and a road on the other side, so our beloved four-legged friends are perfectly prepared for their new home .

We stand out from the typical horse sellers, because not a single horse is on commission but all our horses for sale are our own and live on our finca, we feed and train them and therefore we know our horses perfectly and can be a very personal and trustworthy Offer advice. Our top priority is an absolutely healthy animal which comes from the best animal welfare and attitude. We are aware that buying a horse is a life decision. That is why it is so important to us that they get a healthy and good animal with the best characteristics and optimal breeding, husbandry and care. Our horses are very balanced mentally, we offer a varied training and of course daily grazing.
We have about 15 horses, in every price range, for every rider and every discipline. But what unites all our horses is a very good character, trusting with humans and very well socialized with conspecifics.

Do not hesitate to ask us, we often can not put all our horses on the homepage and have much more on offer than can be seen on the net. Take a look at our reviews on our homepage or on Facebook at Spanish Horses for Sale.

Sincerely, Vera and Eladio, your team of Spanish horses for sale. P.S. a visit to us is worthwhile, next to wonderful horses make a beautiful Andalusian area and traditional food your holiday complete. We look forward to you!

Meet the team


Vera Schweizer

During her studies in agricultural sciences in Germany, VERA SCHWEIZER completed an internship in Seville, where she lost her heart to the Andalusian horses and also to her husband Eladio Sanchez Fernandez, with whom she built and runs the Finca la Rivera in 2013. Vera has completed her master in equine therapy and tourist riding. She is a riding instructor and trainer. Vera speaks German, English, French and Spanish.


Eladio Sánchez Fernández

Eladio Sánchez Fernández is an environmental officer and works in the forest fire department. In addition, he also studied Agricultural Science and Environment. As Eladio grew up in the neighboring provinces of Huelva-Sevilla-Extremadura, he has many contacts with the local stables and horse breeders. He has a perfect knowledge of the area and thus has the opportunity to get to know the best Spanish horses. Eladio has a special charisma towards the horses so that even completely untouched horses can quickly gain confidence in him.

Our Team

Both of them were already enthusiastic about horses when they have been young  and share their passion until today. Their horses are trained in addition to reliable leisure partners in many other disciplines.

Contact us

  • Carretera el Real de la Jara a Santa Olalla del Cala Km. 5.3,41250 El Real de la Jara,Sevilla
  •  ecuestre.rivera@gmail.com
  • +34 617785999 o en el +34 652890883