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Profesional support and advice in your puchasing process


The transport of your horse is taken over by professionals who are specialized in transporting horses to other countries. The horses are monitored 24 hours a day and stabled at night, of course they get enough water and food during the journey. Normally our horses are in their new stable between 3-4 days at their new destination. We take care of all the papers needed to get your horse safely to their home. We personally issue the transport vouchers at the veterinary office – this service is of course FREE for our customers and we take care of the expenses. On the big day of departure of the horses comes the veterinary vet and makes a travel check, only if the animal is in good condition and healthy it may be charged. The horses cope very well with the journey, and soon they are like always in their new stable. Of course, both sellers and buyers are daily informed about the condition of the animals during the journey with videos and photos.

Advice on the purchase of andalusian horses

One of our offers is advice and assistance before, during and after the process of buying horses. We help you to find the horse you are looking for and suitable for you. All our horses already have 14 good x-rays. It is always possible to carry out a clinical purchase investigation at any time by an independent vet of their choice. As all of our horses are ridden by us, they spend several months with us on the estate and therefore we think that the client should order the clinical AKU promptly before purchase, if desired. We only offer healthy and character-perfect horses for sale. Furthermore, all our horses are regularly presented to the dentist and blacksmith, are dewormed, vaccinated and of course chipped.

We offer castration and riding

We work with one of the best veterinarians in Europe. Our veterinarian is a horse specialist and offers the service of a mobile clinic, which we are very happy about. Castration while standing (possible head injuries and additional stress of the animal in general anesthesia is thus avoided) is offered at low cost and is carried out on our farm. The veterinarian accompanies the horses during the follow-up care and we do our best with daily walks and wound healing, so that the newly castrated stallions can normally be charged for the journey after 2-3 weeks after the castration.

Another service is riding and training horses sold by us. Gladly your desired horse can stay with us for further education. We offer starting horses, introduction to Working Equitacion or High School. We attach great importance to a balanced training, the intensity indicates each horse individually.

Other Services

Visit Us!

Any time of year is perfect to come to our natural environment and visit our horses available. If you want to test them, you can stay with us in our town, El Real de la Jara in Seville.


Meson La Cochera, offers in El Real de la Jara the best cuisine of the area. You can taste local meats and iberian ham or seasonal dishes like mushrooms. Decorated with a rural atmosphere, it has two rooms, including one with a large fireplace that keep burning in autumn and winter. And finally the best homemade desserts in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla.